Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Website/Blog

Hi Everyone! We have put up a new website and blog combo at:


And the blog specifically can be found here:


Everything new will be posted up there, and this page will sadly be forgotten.

Take care!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chair Mobile Finished!

Congratulations to Jeff and Taylor on their new girl Leah!

We decided to make Leah a mobile that would subliminally get her interested in Industrial Design.

The cross members are bent ash, made on the same from as the wood fenders that were made earlier this year. We picked our five favourite chairs to immortalize and laser cut them out of 1/4" plywood.

Bonus points if you can identify each chair!

Panton Chair by Verner Panton
Wiggle Chair by Frank Ghery
Cord Chair by Jacques Guillon

Molded Plywood Chair by the Eames`
Rocking Chair by the Eames'

The chairs are laser etched on both sides to show a bit more of the chair detail and shadows. Each chair was scaled so that the weighed roughly the same, and the mobile would hang straight.

Since these photos I have shortened the bottom cross member so that it can rotate freely within the top chairs. Unfortunately I was not able to take more photos, but from this angle it looks pretty much the same.

Enjoy Leah!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Summer of Thor

This summer we have been doing a bunch of work for the local coffee shop Thor. We were asked to design a patio at the beginning of summer, but due to the nightmare that is the city bureaucracy it wasn't completed until about a month ago. We are now putting on some of the finishing touches.

The project began with the commission of an outdoor bench for the front of the shop detailed here. We then designed the space and layout for the patio, and even designed custom furniture to match the interior and front bench. Due to the poor timing the custom furniture and some permanently installed features will have to wait until next year.

The Completed Patio and Newly Installed Signage

The sign is made with leftover wood from the fences and some charred cedar that gives some contrast for the logo and works as a chalk board.

Charring the Cedar (fun)

We only wanted a light burn on the cedar, so we used a propane torch to blacken the surface instead of the more intense chimney burn method

Half Charred Cedar

The charred cedar was laminated and put into a pine frame. We then took the sign to Thor and applied the laser cut acrylic logo and wordmark  The acrylic was cut at 1:1 so that you we could use the offcut as a template to make lining up the pieces super easy.

Completed sign in our Garage I mean Workshop

Installing the Acrylic with the Template

1/4" Laser Cut Acrylic Letters and Logo

Easy as pie.

The sign also has space to run power and install lighting for the sign if so desired. We should have a more comprehensive post for the full patio soon. There are some great Norse ship inspired details that we like a lot.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gladstone Maps Exhibit (updated)

The Gladstone Hotel is putting together a small exhibition that we will be a part of. It focuses on the use of maps and geographic identity in design. The exhibition is going to be in the public spaces of the hotel, I think mainly around and up the central staircase.

Here is some of the other stuff that is going to put our coasters to shame:

Detail of "North Pole" by Joy Charbonneau

Detail of "Synapse" by Shannon Rankin

There will be work from these and other artists. It runs from October 5th to the 30th, and is free, so be sure to check it out!

Update! The Gladstone has published a blog post with some more details here.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello all,
If you are in Vancouver between now and February 2013 be sure to check out the Tobias Wong exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. One of my favourite designers (Canadian too!), he died two years ago at the age of 35.

I hope it comes to Toronto.
More info here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Groove Seating

We have been busy working on more of the wooden seating. This time it is three bar stools that use the same routed wood seating surface. We had these frames made from .75" (instead of 1") steel tubing, and the wood profile was made thinner to match. It now looks even hotter.

Before the Butt Groove is routed.

Before grinding

We modified the design of the steel frames to be taller and have a raised foot rest in the front. We then ground down the welds and gave them a clear coat. The steel is much brighter than what we used before, and there is a lot of nice discolouration by the welds giving the "gas slick" effect.

We used the same poplar that we had from the first round, and picked the most figured wood that we had left to give the seating surface character. The poplar was sitting out back at a lumber yard, and by the time we found it they gave us huge pieces for cheap. The outsides were weathered and grey, but the insides have some amazing colours. I am not sure if this came from the years of weathering or from the tree.

Three Bar Stools

The First Routed Seat

This is the same router jig that we used last time. There are a few chunks taken out of the side rails from where I slipped, but they don't compromise the surface quality of the seat. I do need to figure out how to lower the sliding friction between the wood. What kind of tape would work best for that?


Monday, July 30, 2012

Behind the Bench


So we noticed that we didn't post too many progress pictures of the bench building like we normally do, so here's a quick behind scenes behind the bench that we made for Thor Espresso Bar!  

Sketch:  At first we experimented with different ideas on how to prevent "uninvited napping", but in the end we figured that the bench was too short to sleep comfortably.

Woodworking: Here's Scott routing away one of the butt-grooves on the bench with his homemade jig.  We considered getting it CNC'd (let the robots do all the work), but we wanted to keep the fun for ourselves and went DIY.   

Assembly!  This was my job.  Note, I did not drink all those beers in the garage by myself - or at least I don't remember drinking all those beers.  To manage the weight of the solid-looking bench, we hollowed out the middle and put in a few solid poplar cross-braces to hold all the pieces together.    

Break time! Speaking of poplar, if anyone is looking for great camping this summer, we highly recommend checking out Cyprus Lake at Bruce Peninsula.  We stayed at the Poplar campground a few weeks ago and it was so good.  

Finishing: Using an old paint gun from uni, we put several layers of outdoor satin varathane to protect the wood. Spraying gives a finer finish than brushing and makes it easier to sand between coats.  

Oh and speaking of coats, Scott's sexy hog on my right is for sale, it was freshly painted over this spring too.  Feel free to contact us if you're interested :)

One size should fit all.

We picked through our wood and tried to put the nicer wood grain pieces on top.  We've never worked with poplar before, does anyone know if the dark bluish grain is normal?  Or is it a mark of the pine beetle?  Either way, we really liked it and wanted to highlight the variable grain markings.  

Testing:  The bench didn't topple over, test passed!

Stay posted, the Thor patio should be ready real soon!  In the meantime, you should swing by and grab one of their homemade popsicles ;)

- Heather.