Wednesday, July 29, 2009

we were there

Last night the National Design Collective attended the prospectus interior design show 2010 sponsored debate at the fabulous Gladstone Hotel

The topic of discussion was Marketing Canadian Design. The discussion panel included
designer Patty Johnson, Shaun Moore & Julie Nicholson of MADE design , curator Rachel Gotlieb, and Karen Von Hahn from the Globe and Mail as moderator.

The panel had unique and sometimes contradicting views on their identification with the words "Canadian Design". Discussion included mainly of personal views, local examples, and corporate examples (borrowing from Ikea and H&M's different usage of "SWEDISH-NESS"), all which raised interesting perspectives and points as to how designers should be proud of labeling our work as Canadian designed. Perhaps slowly and surely, Canadian design will be seen outside of the standard maple leaves and beaver tail motif, and reach a new international level of design.

Oh, and it was open bar.

- Jess

Monday, July 20, 2009

Current Obsession - O.S.B.

Last month we were obsessed with veneer, this month our obsession is O.S.B. (Oriented Strand Board). NDC decided to buy two 24 x 48 boards to see what we could make out of it.

One idea was to color in each wood chip with a different color or to create some sort of pattern out of it.

We decided to use the OSB to build a frame for a storage unit, since as ID folks, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to cut clutter. Not having really worked with OSB before, we found that it was fairly easy to cut, but obviously difficult to sand due to all the wood chips.

Due to the type of resins and adhesives typically used in wood-based structural-use panels, low levels of formaldehyde are emitted with OSB. To prolong our and visitors' lifespans, a water-based varathane was used to seal off the OSB and to give it a glossy finish (a "DIAMOND" wood finish, to be exact).

For the Storage part, MDF was used to build 10" x 11" x 12" units. Finished with white vinyl on the outside and decorated with patterend paper on the inside.

The units pop into the OSB frame and the storage unit is completed.

- Jess

Saturday, July 11, 2009

IKEA Cardboard Chair

During a recent trip to IKEA (how we hate that we hate-love that store) for a couch, we ended up taking home a huge sheet of this amazing thick honeycomb cardboard - as a bonus result, we got two chairs for the price of one!

Completed chair.

The seat panels are doubled up for extra strength, but that only gave us enough material for a single sheet on the side panels. We'd would like to double these as well, so that we can get rid of the some of the cross members (the ones that stick out).

Frame Detail

The cardboard is 30mm thick, and has a honeycomb pattern for the support material.

Cutting the seat panels.

This cardboard is pretty fun to work with. It cuts really fast with a jigsaw, and puts out almost no dust. Note to NDC, go to IKEA and pick up more free honeycomb cardboard for more explorations.


Friday, July 10, 2009

First NDC Bike Day + Active Surplus

Heather FINALLY finished painting her bike (the yellow one in the back) and we biked to downtown to get some supplies.

Ended up at Active Surplus, this AMAZING store where you can find anything and everything you can imagine.

347 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M5V 2A4
(416) 593-0909

On a side note, Scott's bike tire went FLAT, had to buy new tires, borrow tools and change it in front of the bike store... how embarrassing.

Quick stop at the bike shop resulted in an awesome find. Burger-bike-bell, i wish the ringer part was a pickle...

- Jessica

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Veneer lamination experiments have begun this sticky week.

Also, we were almost a little too amused by fuckyeahanimalswithcasts.

- Heather.