Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bike Snob NDC

Recently the wicked awesome bike blog Bike Snob NYC hosted a knuckle tattoo competition that we totally killed! The competition was held as a tribute to another bike blog Fat Cyclist. The rules of the competition were pretty simple:

1) Somehow involve Fat Cyclist
2) Somehow involve knuckle tattoos
3) Is an image or video that people can look at on a blog.

Oh and also "any entrants who actually get a real permanent subcutaneous Fat Cyclist knuckle tattoo will be automatically disqualified"

The Uber Prize (that's the prize that comes before the first prize) that we were aiming for? a Chris King fight breast cancer edition bottom bracket - in pink:

Chris king Bottom Bracket
Explained by Scott "it's the thing that the crank attaches to and makes your bike go"

The entry was named by Bike Snob NYC as "Knuckle Pants". The fat cyclists back mass is spread across 7.5 knuckles, while the thin legs and back wheel are printed onto the thumb.

Fat Cyclist - knuckle pants

7 finalist were chosen and after 24 hours of "peoples choice" voting. NDC won by 66 votes!! winning the ultimate UBER PRIZE!

Results from the poll - U stands for UBER!

Go team venture (ndc)!

- Jess