Monday, October 12, 2009

Chair Installation Round-Up

As daily readers of The Canadian Design Resource, a particular posting inspired us to do some contrasting and comparing of our own.

Apparently for reasons unknown to the NDC, artists are fascinated by the stacking, decapitation, and repetition of the everyday mundane chair.

Based upon factors of stackability (level of difficulty), theme (is the artist intent truly represented by the army of chairs?), composition basics, and overall awe-factor, here is an NDC Top-Ten list of Chair Installations:

10. "Copyright Chair Installation" - Superflex, 2006

09."In the Woods" - Karen Ryan, 2009

08."Chairs" - Jin Shi, 2009

"Wooden Chairs Installation" - Michael Hosaluk

"Chair Transformation Number 20B" - Lucas Samaras, 1996

"Myth Monolith (Liberation Movement)" - Marc Andre Robinson, 2007

"Sporadic Happenings - Chair Installation" - T. Janz, B. Kindler, et al.

Vegetal Chair Installation - Vitra, 2009

"Black Hole" - Michel de Broin, 2006

Doris Salcedo, 2003

- Heather