Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Canadian Birdhouse

This birdhouse was designed for the Bluebird.

The form of the enclosure, modeled after the “stubby” bottle, was chosen both for its national iconography and to represent one of the most effective recycling/reuse programs in the world.

The form incorporates traditional birdhouse features such as the round opening and cylindrical perch. The entrance hole is too small for predators and larger birds to enter. There are three small holes on the floor of the house to allow for airflow and drainage.

The body of the house is slip-cast ceramic, a natural material that is well suited for years of outdoor use and local craft production. The perch is made from locally sourced maple wood and finished with nontoxic orange wax. The house is hung from an aluminium cable that will not corrode in outdoor environments. The ceramic is a benign material that can safely be land-filled, the wood can be composted, and aluminium is one of the world's most recycled materials.

This birdhouse concept was submitted to the Toronto Botanical Gardens "For The Birds" competition last May. A prototype will be completed soon, and hopefully production will be ready for next summer.