Tuesday, December 15, 2009

baby, it's business time

Our business cards!
Hand-stamped on debossed, unbleached, recycled cardstock.

- Heather

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Edison 2.0

Weeks of searching, finally found a local retailer that sells these wicked Edison Style - Squirrel Caged Filament Light bulbs. The low wattage allows us to see the interesting wiring of the filament inside the elongated glass bulb.

Not sure exactly what we're going to design, but we are inspired by it.

- Jess

Thursday, December 10, 2009

storageunit_01 - prototype

If furniture could walk away in the middle of the night, than this storage unit would most definitely creep away. With legs like that, come 8am, this unit would be in a new place everyday. Creepy and sexy at the same time.

- Heather.

New Veneer Lamps

I just took some pictures of a new lamp that we have been working on. The final form has yet to be determined, but the lighting effect has.

I'm thinking that they will be pendants, but in the meantime we put them on a lamp base to see what would happen.

With the light on, the solid structure almost looks fractured at the joints, and the veneer takes on a nice glow. If anyone is thinking of making one at home, the secret is corn starch.

Limited production run to follow.
Patent pending! ha!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Accidental Inspirations

I must have walked by this broken planter on our street a few hundred times before realizing that one of the storage units that we are currently finessing over has an uncanny resemblance to it.

I guess one man's broken lawn decor is another man's design inspiration.

- Heather.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The National Design Collective went on a mini road trip to Urban Tree Salvage – a place where unwanted trees are re-claimed and re-used and re-appreciated.

Urban Tree Salvage - Interior

Pieces ranging from 4-8ft tall

Price tags on the pieces of wood

As we first walked in, all we saw were 6 – 8 ft tall pieces of wood, with a price tag of ranging from 1000 – 5000 dollars, (just a tad out of our budget). Thankfully, after a closer inspection of the store, we found the miscellaneous corner, which consisted of four bins filled with slabs and off cuts of maple, red wood, oak, willow, varying from 50 cents to 15 dollars!

We found unique and exciting pieces, just waiting for us to build something out of it.

cheap pieces from $0.50 elm to $1.00 maple

Grain and bark showing

- Jess

Thursday, December 3, 2009

S. McLean

silkscreen transparencies

There once was a man named S. McLean,
He of great vinyl fame,
Hits on the girls,
Woos them with pearls,
And doesn't mind riding in the rain.

- NDC + J.Brown.