Saturday, December 5, 2009


The National Design Collective went on a mini road trip to Urban Tree Salvage – a place where unwanted trees are re-claimed and re-used and re-appreciated.

Urban Tree Salvage - Interior

Pieces ranging from 4-8ft tall

Price tags on the pieces of wood

As we first walked in, all we saw were 6 – 8 ft tall pieces of wood, with a price tag of ranging from 1000 – 5000 dollars, (just a tad out of our budget). Thankfully, after a closer inspection of the store, we found the miscellaneous corner, which consisted of four bins filled with slabs and off cuts of maple, red wood, oak, willow, varying from 50 cents to 15 dollars!

We found unique and exciting pieces, just waiting for us to build something out of it.

cheap pieces from $0.50 elm to $1.00 maple

Grain and bark showing

- Jess