Saturday, January 30, 2010

CUTMR 2010

Last weekend, the NDC visited the annual Come Up to My Room.

Here's a recap of some of our other favourites:The bouncy floor and floating, layered text of Room 207,
was thoroughly enjoyed by 3 out of 3 NDC members.

[by Richard Unterthiner & Paolo Ferrari]

Mycologic - by Propellor

Wooden plumb-bobs in Room 210
[Slap Dash Depository, by Naomi Yasui, Jennifer Sciarrino, & Jacob Whibley]

Circular vision of the outside world using cardboard tubes.
[ A Piece of the Pie - by Edward Lin & Kira Varvanina]

A delicate and whimsically cut paper ceiling making up Room 211.
[by Lisa Keophila, Jon Margono, Fiona Lim Tung, & Kristen Lim Tung]

Mason mason mason jars!
[Room 202, by Maggie Greyson, Christine Lieu, & Phoebo Lo]

- Heather.