Sunday, February 7, 2010

Concrete Casting v3

Here are some more progress shots of our concrete casting session! If you haven't realized yet, we're slowly stringing you along for just one more post before we show you the final product.

A little irregular but full of character.
[ We later learned that you can use a small paintbrush to fill in detail spots in the mould before pouring in concrete.]

supervising the action.

After a bit of excavating, we were able to free the vacuum tubes from the pink foam mould. It was interesting to find that the concrete was able to pick up such fine texture from the masking tape that was used in the mould.

A few items that we learned and want to share with you from the process:
  1. Concrete in the eye is a bad thing.
    ["..the googles! They do nothing!" - Rainer Wolfcastle]
  2. Make sure your mould will not leak before casting.
    [As concrete sets, water is expelled out and in our case, all over the worktable.]
  3. Don't wash your concrete bucket in the laundry sink afterward.
  4. Know how to use a plumbing snake if you did not follow #3.