Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lady Chair Prototype!

The Lady chair prototype was completed last week. The best part about making your first one-off is that if it doesn't work out perfectly, you can automatically call it a "prototype". Then again, it's rare that your first one-off of anything would work out perfectly in the end. The thing and beauty of prototypes is that you learn a lot of from them that you otherwise wouldn't realize would be problems from a CAD drawing. Especially if you are an amateur-beginner furniture builder like myself.

For this particular proto, I was more concerned about the overall size of the chair and if it actually did contribute to sitting in a more lady-like posture. The construction of the chair allowed a bit of shearing, but that could be corrected when solid oak is used for the 2nd version instead of the oak veneered particle board that was used this time. I also need to work on my wood joinery techniques, so add that to the NDC to-do list : wood joinery explorations.

Overall, the chair "fits" the original design intent (although Jess did show me some non-lady like ways of sitting on it...but hey, you can't compensate for everything, right?). The seat and back could be raised a bit more for visual purposes, but other than that, the first Lady chair prototype is finished!

- Heather