Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fear and Lathing

Recently had a chance to put a bit of time into the lathe. Decided to make something round. That round thing turned out to be a Finnish (as I know it) rolling pin.

Sheets of maple were laminated to create a blank that was then cut lengthwise on a diagonal. Padauk was laminated in the middle to add some colour and contrast to the light maple.

It's round!

The rolling pin is 450mm long and 55mm in diameter in the middle, tapering in to 30mm on the ends. The lamination lines between the maple were accentuated with the finish, so next time a solid piece will be used.

Detail of the Padauk

The red-orange padauk runs out on both sides of the rolling pin and has a really nice grain. Does anyone know how to properly apply Tung Oil?