Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Your Father's Art in a Bag

the NDC attended the grand opening fundraiser for Not Your Father's contemporary. The idea was to have artists donate their art, which were randomly placed into unmarked craft paper bags (think blind date though art). Guests who donated can pick their own art filled mystery bag. Our very own talented friend, Ricky Thomas (@CtlAltRicky), was among the talented local artists, and we were really hoping to get one of his pieces.


we channeled raiders of the lost arc. picked the most wrinkled bag

You can stop holding your breath now. the artist in our bag was Rajni Perera in our bag!

birdgirl sketch (left), Men in suits vs the lamb-moutain-viking (right)

Scoooba Steve

The girl who ate so much ice cream, her arm fell off.

- Jess