Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ring Ring!

We finally finished our first production run of the M3 & M4 rings last week, and they are now ready for purchase on our newly launched website. Due to the nature of our own day jobs, and knack for the occasional beer break, these rings will only be produced in small runs at a time.

In pure NDC-fashion, here's a peek under the Wizard of Oz's curtain, of the start-to finish process of making these shiny babies:

Four rubber moulds, sitting pretty in a row.

There is one mould for each size of ring. Melted casting wax is poured into the moulds to make positives of the rings which are then used to cast the silver.

Casting gate.

This freshly cast ring has been tumbled clean, and the sprue has been cut off.

Filing off the gates, one ring at a time.

The gates are removed first and then all of the outer surfaces of the rings are filed to get rid of any imperfections on the surface.

Tap tap tapping the threads.

The thread for the screws are not cast into the rings, but are tapped by hand. M3 for the small size, and M4 for the larger sizes.

Sand from 220-1200 grit,and polish thrice -
then you'll end up with something shiny and nice!

Progressive sanding with five different grits of sandpaper and then two grades of polishing compound gives the rings their final mirrored finish.

We were able to source everything within the city, most things being within biking range - one of the best things about the city of Toronto!

- Heather & Scott