Friday, July 16, 2010

Bending Canadian Design

Bent out of Shape at Design Exchange

the NDC attended the opening of Bent out of Shape: Canadian Design 1945 - Present that was held at the Design Exchange. It was a treat for us to see 90% of the things we've read in the Design in Canada book all under one roof.

Some of the items that we never thought we would see in real life were Hugh Spencer's Project G stereo, and the G2 version. We absolutly fell in love with Bob Forrest's 2001 chair (made in 1970), seeing it in the flesh made the world of difference, the angle, the fabric, and the material that were used, it was magnificient. Apparently only a mere 300 were made!

QR code included on every displayed product

Ceramic mason jars with Canadiana logos

Iconic Canadian designed chairs including (from left to right) Lawrie mcintosh's chair, Stefan siwinski's three0legged dining chair, Waclaw czerwinski and hilary stykolt dining chair, and the dodds stacking chair.

The Cord Chair - jacques guillon

2001 chair - Bob Forrest

Overall, seeing all these great iconic Canadian industrial design products really reinforces how important Canadian design is. Hopefully the next time a NDC product will be there!

- theNDC
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