Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We recently completed two birdhouses for the 2nd Annual For the Birds Competition, to help raise funds for the Toronto Botanical Garden and raise awareness about the plight of songbirds. The first stage of the competition is sending in presentation boards of the birdhouse:

The second stage of the competition is to build the birdhouse and submit it for judging. You may recognize the construction from way back here.

You can check them all out in person at the Summer Showcase and vote for (ours as) the People's Choice Award at the TBG. They will be auctioned off at the Toronto Botanical Gardens Flocktail Party in September to raise money for the gardens.

The speal:

Let your birds live in the utopian birdhouse of the future, today!

The Birdminster house is intended for the Eastern Bluebird and is based on 1v icosahedron geometry. This allows the house to maximize living volume while minimizing building materials.

The house is scaled to be an ideal home for the Eastern Bluebird while referencing one of the most ideal and unique structures found in nature. The house features small holes on the bottom for drainage and venting, and a predator resistant cable and opening.

The wax-finished maple can be put back into a natural environment to decompose, and the cable is aluminium which is one of the worlds most recycled materials.

The geodesic dome has not reached the level of ubiquity that Buckminster Fuller had hoped. In a playful way, Birdminster aims to raise awareness to the limitless optimism that Buckminster Fuller and this geometry once represented.

Birdminster and Home & Away.