Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home & Away

We recently completed two birdhouses for the 2nd Annual For the Birds Competition, to help raise funds for the Toronto Botanical Garden and raise awareness about the plight of songbirds. You can check them out in person at the Summer Showcase and vote for the People's Choice Award at the TBG. They will be auctioned off at the Toronto Botanical Gardens Flocktail Party in September.

The first birdhouse:

The speal:
Home&Away is a House Wren birdhouse that acts as a signifier to when nesting birds have made their home. Where House Wrens typically return to the same breeding territory year after year, Home&Away’s signal is a welcome visual cue that our little friends have returned. Starting in a neutral position when the home is unoccupied, the birdhouse will tip at the additional weight of the birds and their offspring. At the end of the summer when the birds migrate south, the birdhouse will tip back to neutral position, signaling a successful breeding season.

- Heather