Monday, September 6, 2010

Table Assembly

I swear that this will be the last table post! Well... before the final table post. Here are some quick shots of the final assembly and finishing.


The three bent wood profiles were trimmed and then laminated together to form the each leg. The insides had to be stained before the lamination because it is impossible to get in there afterwards.

Together at Last

Before trimming the laminated pieces the legs were assembled to test the fit of the middle connector. This was the first time that the legs had gone together to give us a view of what the table will eventually look like.

Checking for Level

The legs were then trimmed to length and the table was assembled again. A temporary top was placed on the legs and it was checked for level. Final trim cuts were done, and the legs were sanded smooth. The next step is to seal it all and get the glass top in. The next table post will be the final assembly!