Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Need Your Help!

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We've had a special creative request from someone who is looking to repurpose one of our M3 rings.

If you know someone or are up for the most romantic challenge ever, feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with this person.

So I love a special lady. I am going to ask her to marry me on a camping trip in Maine, sometime soon. But not before I work with someone like you, a creative jewelry designer who is open to exploring new process, methods, and growing as an artist. I'm writing to introduce myself and tell my story. I'm a design student at the MIT Media Lab. Last year I was the TA for a class called "Design for Fabrication". The idea was that we can bypass traditional systems and make our own electronics, do industrial design with 3D programs, and do things like work with other professionals to design a ring for someone you love etc... It has an M3 thread, and a tiny screw at the moment. I am seeking a jeweler with a portfolio who will skype with me to brainstorm about what stones I can put in this that are not diamonds. I have been reading the Economist, and don't like what the diamond industry is doing to war torn african countries like the Congo. So, I'm looking for creative alternatives. My philosophy is this: be open to your collaborators ideas and trust their expertise. We will agree on a stone, and a price. I'll send you the ring, and you make me two fittings for it. One for before the wedding and one we can screw in on the wedding day. I would like to establish a relationship with a creative jewelry designer who is interested in doing this as the years go by. Just as we have to renew our understandings of each other and adapt to new situations, I think our jewelry should be adaptable, and I would love to be able to design fittings for this with another creative professional.


- Heather