Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning to turn....with fire!

Ugh, we can't believe that is already November! The leaves have mostly fallen, Daylight Savings just rolled back our clocks this weekend, and Loblaws already has their winter decorations out. It's only been two months since the end of the summer and we're already missing the green! As we welcome back seasonal affective disorder :(SAD), we've decided to bring some flora indoors by lathing a wooden planter.

Research first! [Hand and Machine Woodwork, H.G. Miller, 1972]


Hollowing out room for one lucky plant.

As first time bowl turners, the nice semi-retired man at the wood shop recommended turning cedar for practice. Not only was this great advice, since cedar is soft and easy to work with, but it also smells so good too!

Beginning with a rough piece of cedar, the planter organically took on its own form as we got more comfortable lathing. It was actually kind of therapeutic and a good exercise in form-giving to not start out with a specific design in mind. In the end, after undergoing a few transformations, the planter ended up comme ca:

Since cedar is naturally insect and rot resistant, it seemed like an appropriate material for the planter. The planter is purposely shallow to act as a comfy home to either a succulent or cactus or two.

But since it was cedar and being the pyros that we are, we decided to set the freshly turned planter on fire:

Let there be liiight!

Now...plant shopping!

- Heather