Sunday, November 21, 2010

NDC featured in ARCH Magazine.

We were featured in the November issue of ARCH magazine - a Taiwanese luxury and style magazine. They wrote an article featuring the hottest new design from ten different countries around the world. Our M3/M4 rings were proud to represent Canada!

The entire magazine includes English and Chinese, however, upon reading the Chinese text, it slightly differs from the English text. Apart from both giving an overview of the rings, the Chinese focuses a little more on love.

"This design expresses the designer’s value and thoughts, perhaps this will not change the prestige stature of the diamond, but it gives people a new perspective on what a ring represents. Perhaps the carat of a diamond can buy a girls heart, but, when your lover really wants to keep you close and 'screwed tight', who then would really care about a mere diamond when you are already deeply in love?" - Arch Nov. issue. (Our bad translation... sorry.)

Netherlands is our neighbour !

London, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada (that's us!) and Netherlands spread

City x New Design spread

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Also, a quick congrats to the members of NDC, this is our official 100th post.
100 bottles of champagne?

- Jess
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