Friday, December 24, 2010

Moss Terrarium

Being the worst at keeping plants alive, we decided to make some easy to maintain moss terrarium for Christmas presents this year.

To build a terrarium the first thing you'll need is a container, we picked some nice glass container up from Toronto's famous Honest Ed's. Within the container you will need to layer these things so the soil and plant will not rot, smell, or die.

White Rhino climbing the hill

White Elephant in a jar

Going in the order of bottom up you'll need...

Layer.1 - Medium size rocks
"solid like a rock!"

Layer.2 - Activated charcoal
The purpose of the activated charcoal is to stop the soil from molding.

Layer.3 - Coconut moss liner
This is to stop the soil from sifting down to the charcoal and rocks. It also absorbs access water.

Layer.4 - Soil
Plants need soil... enough said.

Layer.5 - Moss
We used 3 types of moss. Cushion, Rock Cap and Hypnum moss. Hypnum moss were used as a general blanketing, where as the Cushion and Rock Cap moss were used as 'feature' plants.

Layer.6 - Animals!
Bought little animal figurines from the dollar store, hand painted it white so it stands out.

Animal Factory

White Elephant sighting

Three Horn

These Terrarium are very easy to maintain. Water the terrarium when it looks dry, open the lid when there is some condensation.

Happy holidays from the NDC!

- Jess