Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wood Fenders 3

The wood fenders for Heathers bike are making some progress. After the last bend test the form has been re-shaped with a tighter radius to compensate for the springback. The original form was cut down and the first test fender was glued on to act as the outer forming surface.

Fender being layed-up

Two fenders have been bent on this form and they both retain the right shape when unclamped. The fenders have been trimmed to size and sanded to remove the excess epoxy that squeezed out of the joints during clamping. Lamination bending is either a messy process, or I am not doing it properly.

Form, backer and two fenders.

There is a full half round fender for the rear tire, and a shorter fender for the front tire. The next steps are to source the support wire and brackets to attach the fenders to the bike securely. Once that is finalized the fenders will be drilled appropriately and finished with a marine grade clear coat.