Monday, November 14, 2011

Wooden Neapolitan 2

These hooks were created in the shop with leftover pieces from the Delta Dining table last summer. The tri-colour/tri-layer solid ash hooks are mounted to the wall at two points, using simple metal hardware and a countersunk hole, an idea that our friends at Ideacious recommended. It's the same simple mounting system that they are currently using on their Foreword book shelf by Karen King (which you can stock up on now through their prototype sale!). I was debating at one point to use a router and keyhole bit for mounting, but the metal hardware adds better strength and I think gives the back a nice graphic detail as well.

The colour combo adds a splash of fun to an otherwise mundane household item and I think I'll like try to incorporate the Neapolitan look into a few other designs next.

- Heather