Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US / MONTREAL / MANHATTAN --> New Coaster Sets!

Perfect for the design-philes (or US-friends) out there, we now have US City coasters available on our website and around downtown Toronto at Thor Espresso and at BYOB! Featuring from West to East coast, this set includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York (well, a portion of it). More images of the new coasters can be viewed on our website.

Also, to please our Montreal friends, we created a prototype just for you! Unfortunately these will not be for sale this year.....but with enough enticement maybe we will put them up next year :) We will accept poutine bribes, so don't be afraid to show us your (gravy) love !

Notice how organic the roads appear to sprawl out from one central "spine" (a.k.a. Metropolitan Expy).

Oh, and since we felt bad being forced to single out a small portion of NYC in the US Cities set, we decided to do a full-Manhattan set too. Unfortunately, Manhattan is a very odd-shape for your pint glass, so we had to improvise a bit. Hope you like!

In case you haven't noticed, we're en route to becoming coaster tycoons.

- Heather.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trophies, Awards, and Winners - Oh My!

Inspired by the Office's Dundies awards, idea couture wanted to do give away 4 awards this year to their employees at the Christmas Party. My role was to design and build the trophies for the following awards:

The Supporter - The person who is most dedicated to the success of their team.
The Innovator - The person who has developed the best process improvement, methodology or approach for the good of the team.
The Cross Boarder - The person who most successfully collaborates beyond their own office's wall.
The Design Thinker - The person who best embodies the values of the company.

PattyG and I brainstormed for ideas. For the Supporter Award, we settled on getting iconic miniature chairs that we have at our office, stacking them to symbolize a strong base and support of others.

a chair on top of a chair on top of a chair

For the Innovator Award, we were a little cheesy and thought having a lightbulb would be 'innovative'. Instead of a normal lightbulb, we opted for a cage squirrel filament bulb. For the base, I laminated together 1/2" thick maple, with the bark side facing the front. To finish off the trophy, we caged it all with a plastic dome - which later in the party, turned out to be fantastic beer-to-mouth container.

For the Cross Boarder Award, we thought it would be fun to have a globe to symbolize that there literally has no boarder - where the world is their oyster. It took awhile to find the 'globey-locks' of globes - some were too big, some were too bright, some were too heavy and most were too expensive.

For the Design Thinker Award, we originally wanted a whiteboard on top of a trophy, however the small whiteboard we bought was slightly off brand for the 'embodying idea couture' award, instead a brand book was put on the easel. This trophy was the most outrageous one of all. Inspired by greek columns and encouraged by sports-trophy-enthusiast Bry Bry. The trophies got higher and higher.

With the short 2 day timeline, i have to shot out a special thanks to Liquid Nails, Super Glue, emergency last minute glue gun and that vice grip that fell on my feet. In the end, the globe trophy broke 3 times, the easel kept falling off the design thinker award, and the plastic dome was passed around as a beer drinking container. All and all, we all had a great party, it's a great company to work at and i hope these trophies will stand up to the test of time.

Awkward family of trophies

Winning a trophy that i built... shameless.

Riwa is the one.

Futurists Mat & Ricky - Mat eats lights for inspiration

See you next year, trophies.

- Jess

Monday, December 5, 2011

Which is Best?

The other day at lunch a co-worker and I were debating which province had the best silhouette. Being a Manitoban, I insisted that it was Manitoba. He, from Alberta, had a similar affection towards his home province and was therefore wrong.

So it was a nice surprise to walk by Style Garage yesterday and see these:

At first I thought that they were light boxes, but after looking closer they are just really well lit side tables.

Only Manitoba and Saskatchewan are showing, but the set actually comes with Alberta too. We did agree that Saskatchewan had a beautiful simplicity, but came up a bit short, lacking any natural features.

So what do you think? Are you Nunavut nutty, or an Albertan admirer?