Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trophies, Awards, and Winners - Oh My!

Inspired by the Office's Dundies awards, idea couture wanted to do give away 4 awards this year to their employees at the Christmas Party. My role was to design and build the trophies for the following awards:

The Supporter - The person who is most dedicated to the success of their team.
The Innovator - The person who has developed the best process improvement, methodology or approach for the good of the team.
The Cross Boarder - The person who most successfully collaborates beyond their own office's wall.
The Design Thinker - The person who best embodies the values of the company.

PattyG and I brainstormed for ideas. For the Supporter Award, we settled on getting iconic miniature chairs that we have at our office, stacking them to symbolize a strong base and support of others.

a chair on top of a chair on top of a chair

For the Innovator Award, we were a little cheesy and thought having a lightbulb would be 'innovative'. Instead of a normal lightbulb, we opted for a cage squirrel filament bulb. For the base, I laminated together 1/2" thick maple, with the bark side facing the front. To finish off the trophy, we caged it all with a plastic dome - which later in the party, turned out to be fantastic beer-to-mouth container.

For the Cross Boarder Award, we thought it would be fun to have a globe to symbolize that there literally has no boarder - where the world is their oyster. It took awhile to find the 'globey-locks' of globes - some were too big, some were too bright, some were too heavy and most were too expensive.

For the Design Thinker Award, we originally wanted a whiteboard on top of a trophy, however the small whiteboard we bought was slightly off brand for the 'embodying idea couture' award, instead a brand book was put on the easel. This trophy was the most outrageous one of all. Inspired by greek columns and encouraged by sports-trophy-enthusiast Bry Bry. The trophies got higher and higher.

With the short 2 day timeline, i have to shot out a special thanks to Liquid Nails, Super Glue, emergency last minute glue gun and that vice grip that fell on my feet. In the end, the globe trophy broke 3 times, the easel kept falling off the design thinker award, and the plastic dome was passed around as a beer drinking container. All and all, we all had a great party, it's a great company to work at and i hope these trophies will stand up to the test of time.

Awkward family of trophies

Winning a trophy that i built... shameless.

Riwa is the one.

Futurists Mat & Ricky - Mat eats lights for inspiration

See you next year, trophies.

- Jess