Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wooden Fenders v2.0

I finished a new set of wood fenders just in time for the first real snow in Toronto. But now I don't want to go outside and get them wet...

I used the same ash as the pair for Heathers bike, which was leftover from the Delta Table project. These fenders are trimmed to fit my narrower tires, and are shorter for a sportier look, and because it was all the ash that I had left.

The wood was bleached to get it as light as possible. I have tried this in the past with mixed results, but it really worked well on the ash. It turned out almost bone white while accenting the grain. These fenders have the same mounting style as Heathers, but I only had room for two crosses instead of three.

My bicycle did not have any mounting hardware, so I made some small washer brackets that clamped onto the axle. These close-up shots make me think I should get a less rusty bike.

The front fender has a bent wire bracket that is held in place by the brake. The rear fenders have the same bracket, which is bolted onto where the brake would mount. The bent wire brackets are epoxied onto the inside of the fender and is only visible from the underside, or very shallow angles.

I used water based Varathane as a sealant and to keep the wood white, ensuring that it would not yellow. This gave me a nice matte texture, but I am worried that they will need refinishing sooner than later.