Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Summer of Thor

This summer we have been doing a bunch of work for the local coffee shop Thor. We were asked to design a patio at the beginning of summer, but due to the nightmare that is the city bureaucracy it wasn't completed until about a month ago. We are now putting on some of the finishing touches.

The project began with the commission of an outdoor bench for the front of the shop detailed here. We then designed the space and layout for the patio, and even designed custom furniture to match the interior and front bench. Due to the poor timing the custom furniture and some permanently installed features will have to wait until next year.

The Completed Patio and Newly Installed Signage

The sign is made with leftover wood from the fences and some charred cedar that gives some contrast for the logo and works as a chalk board.

Charring the Cedar (fun)

We only wanted a light burn on the cedar, so we used a propane torch to blacken the surface instead of the more intense chimney burn method

Half Charred Cedar

The charred cedar was laminated and put into a pine frame. We then took the sign to Thor and applied the laser cut acrylic logo and wordmark  The acrylic was cut at 1:1 so that you we could use the offcut as a template to make lining up the pieces super easy.

Completed sign in our Garage I mean Workshop

Installing the Acrylic with the Template

1/4" Laser Cut Acrylic Letters and Logo

Easy as pie.

The sign also has space to run power and install lighting for the sign if so desired. We should have a more comprehensive post for the full patio soon. There are some great Norse ship inspired details that we like a lot.